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Dentist Recommended Methods for Healthy Gums

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When one’s dental health becomes compromised due to lack of hygiene or neglect of preventative measures, gum disease, or periodontal disease can and will happen.  Gum disease occurs whenever the flesh around our teeth becomes irrita44-451-300x199ted or infected as the result of plaque buildup and tartar accumulation.  In severe cases of gum disease, tooth decay can become another problem, which could end with the actual loss of teeth. It is for these reasons that visiting your dentist for Hollywood families is important.
What Causes Gum Disease?
Everyone’s mouth is filled of various bacteria and enzymes. It doesn’t matter how clean you believe your mouth is.  Bacteria can produce a kind of film on the surface of the teeth, which is known as plaque.  Plaque can become shoved and trapped under the gum line. When this substance hardens over time it develops into tartar.  Tartar cannot be removed by the routine of normal every day brushing.  Tartar buildup must be removed by your dentist using a special method and using special tools specifically for tartar removal. This procedure gives you back smooth, shiny, significantly cleaner teeth.  Don’t forget though that regular brushing, along with regular dental visits, can prevent your teeth from bearing the brunt of tartar.
Steps That Promote Healthy Gums
The purpose of your daily dental hygiene routine should be to make your mouth as much as a hostile environment as possible for nasty bacteria.  To do this, you must brush daily.  If you can, brush whenever the opportunity arises.  You can do your mouth a huge service and help you teeth stay healthy by brushing after each meal, if possible.  Flossing also plays a huge part in keeping your mouth healthy.  Brushing alone won’t tackle what lies wedged between the teeth, so floss accordingly.  To further promote gum health, make sure to use mouthwash when possible.  Rinsing with mouthwash can also be a convenient alternative when you can’t find time to brush.
Existing Gum Disease
It is very important to establish what treatment will best suit your current gum issues through the guidance and recommendations of your dentist in Hollywood.  If your dentist believes that you have a case of gum disease, he or she may need to work extensively to manually scrape the tartar from your teeth.  If it is determined that you have a severe case of tartar, your dentist may go as far as prescribing you medication to fight the bacteria plaguing your gums.  If there is obvious decay and tooth loss, you may need surgery. You can prevent this last option from occurring by taking action sooner rather than later.  Your dentist can help, but whether or not your gums remain healthy mostly depends on you and your dental hygiene choices.

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